Start The Game


What's in Booxy's Box?


Open it! It's a game - "The Game". 


The players are set, their compositions are the base. But the rules are subject to constant change and the course of the game harbours quite a few surprises. One thing is clear though: "The Game" is one that everybody wins.



Booxy's Box - The Game

New CD out May 4, 2018

UNIT Records, UTR4832

Cover artwork © by Astrid Rothaug

"Booxy’s Box: neckische Themen und ein überzeugendes Konzept. Man hört den Vieren den Spaß an der Sache an. Und er überträgt sich auf den Hörer."


Ulrich Steinmetzger

(sonic, Leipziger Zeitung, Jazz thing)



"Daniel Aebi and me go way back.

I first knew him as a top bigband drummer in the years he was in the SJSBB. Afterwards I toured and recorded with him with the Joe Haider quintet. What a great time and energy! So much fun to play with him.


Now with this cd I discover a new and marvellous facet of his talent: he is not only a great drummer but a great composer too! Listen to “Princess Town” for instance, an irresistable chart for listeners as well as players.

The Game is here for ever!"


Bert Joris



"Booxy never ceases to amaze me with his versatility and ability to capture what ever sound he aims for.

I love this! I look forward to seeing "Booxy's Box" live." 


Akil the MC/Jurassic 5

JAZZ'N'MORE Mai/Juni 2018
JAZZ'N'MORE Mai/Juni 2018